Bonus & Fan Art

Bur Buk Boon

- Sound by Choukroute -

Here is one of the many legends about the origin of the Didjeridu :

Once upon a time…
On a cold night in northern Australia, the Ancestor Bur Buk Boon and his wife were heating up to the fire.
But when the fire ran out, they started to get damn cold !

So Bur Buk Boon took his stone axe and his boomerang and there he went straight to the eucalyptus forest.
Meanwhile, two termites were greeting each other in the main gallery of their beautiful wooden termitary.
But BANG ! TCHAK ! TAK ! A big noise shook them up real hard !!!
A giant appeared in a light hole… Is it God ? Or their imminent Death ?

Tak Tak Tak ! The big eucalyptus falls down… Bur Buk Boon will now be able to lighten up the fire.
Just before throwing the wood in the embers, his wife saw the two termites in panic.
Bur Buk Boon doesn't want to burn them so he lifts the log to his lips and blows.
The sound of the Didjeridu is heard for the very first time.
The termites are thrown up in the sky where they become the stars.
Bur Buk Boon and his wife can finally warm up :)

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