Bonus & Fan Art

Summer 2011

AIRVAULT - Le Rêve de l'Aborigène - 2011
Very good feedback from the readers, very heartfilling !!!

Pictures by Bousylf & The Will.

Premonitory comic-book ?
This image from the comic really happened during the festival :

DDsunburn, Jockos and Jean-Yves on his stand, WoodSlide

The comic was also present for the TribalElek festival :

Pictures (thanks Bousyfl) showing :
The comic-strips' stand, dedications, discussions, MaTa & Kri,
Titou & myself preparing the Why is no one listening ? questionnaire,
Christopher and his CosmicBows, Harry Pooter,
Dubravko testing David Defois' Krom Boud at his stand, Kan ar c'hoad,
Bousyfl and Adèle B. from Secret Vibes.

There too, another image from the comic-book took place IRL, check it out :

You would have recognized Adèle B. dancing on Dubravko Lapaine 's hand !
Picture by Mylène, flutist in Secret Vibes, big thanks to her ^^ and to the two cranks !

Then, heading to Alsace for Bruce Rogers' workshop, organized by Didgeridoo Passion.
It is the unique opportunity to craft yourself a termite-hollowed log outside of Australia !
And what a fµç%!ng good workshop with a killer didj' at the end !!!

Pictures by Greg (Didgeridoo Passion).

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